“Coffee Department” For Us – Goldmine, Coffee is an order to be enjoyed. Knowing the history of coffee to becoming a culture of drinking coffee is our way of admiring coffee, starting with the form and method of serving coffee itself according to the type and character of each.

From our desire to introduce Nusantara Coffee even further. Working closely with Coffee Farmers, especially in Bali, is something we are very proud of and take care of. It is our desire to be able to represent and serve Nusantara coffee, reminding us of every characteristic of the coffee that we process.

Goldmine Coffee Dept, supported by our Local Barista, will present the sensation of Drinking Coffee with a blend of creativity and Local Clothing Brand. Our place is simple but full of creative presentations, relaxing is certainly the right choice for discussing and even relaxing in the process of processing new ideas.

Food & Beverage


Located in several crowded places, has a view,in the city center makes it an attraction for pedestriansfeet to enjoy the Goldmine coffee serve.