Tropical Ants is a cafe located not far from central Ubud. The exact location is on Jalan Katik Lantang Singakerta Ubud. Tropical Ants carries the concept according to its name, namely tropical, in a simple touch of the building it has comfort and uniqueness. Tropical Ants has a view of the expanse of rice fields on the left and
right of the cafe, of course adding to the tropical atmosphere getting carried away.
Tropical Ants has a choice of Indonesian and Western menus which have more choices on the breakfast menu and also has a coffee variant menu. In addition,
Tropical Ants also provides lunch and dinner options.
Tropical Ants will always try to provide the best service for visitors. See you at Tropical Ants.

Food & Beverage

A place designed to blend with nature with a touch of wood which is able to unite a unique building with nature. Able to provide comfort for visiting customers to Tropical Ants.

Located in the Ubud area, precisely on Jalan Katik Lantang Singakerta Ubud. The location is surrounded by rice fields and far from noise. A suitable place to calm down while enjoying the beautiful expanse of rice fields.